The Most Beautiful Way To Overcome Love Breakup

It’s Not Because your Love Relationship is Over that your Life is Over

It is frequent at the end of a love relationship to feel like we received a bomb in the chest. Sometimes, it’s as the ground just slid off our feet and we fell into a deep abyss. In these moments, we have a tendency to blame ourselves. We think permanently that if we were better, if we were more this or that way, things would have happened differently. What others tell us about their week-end or their life doesn’t interest us anymore. Normal life isn’t interesting anymore. Indeed, in moments like this, close ones are there to listen to you, comfort you, offer their shoulder when you cry… But not in permanence. Continue reading The Most Beautiful Way To Overcome Love Breakup

Know Your Qualities and Flaws In Order To Access To Interior Harmony

Interior Harmony!




If you don’t have a clear perception of yourself, it will be easily changed by events. For instance, when someone criticizes you, you’ll deduct that you’re lame. When someone says negative things to you, you’re easily destabilized.

This first step consists of knowing the truth about yourself: your qualities and successes, but also your limits. Because it’s only when we’re sincere with ourselves that we can integrate and be in harmony with ourselves and with others. When this is understood, you can easily say any stupid thing, receive any criticism, and it will not be a problem for you as you’ll know what your true worth is and you’ll know you’re in harmony with this worth.
The words that’ll follow will help you access a further level of consciousness of your inner truth. Continue reading Know Your Qualities and Flaws In Order To Access To Interior Harmony

Emotional Dependency Makes You Blind!

‘Without you, I am nothing’
‘Without you, my life has no meaning’

Well beyond the simple fact of saying metaphorically to someone that we love them enormously, it often happens that people truthfully say this, think it, and live it with every day that goes by.

This translates itself into, for example, efforts to be a victim, so that you can, at all costs, maintain a relationship that is vowed to failure, or else, into a unendurable anxiety to the mere thought of being left alone. We often say that loves makes one blind. But, emotional dependency makes you more blind.

Let me tell you this small story, which, I think, nicely illustrates my point: Continue reading Emotional Dependency Makes You Blind!

The acceptance technique to overcome emotional dependency

‘There is no problem’
‘This happens only to others, not to me’
‘It doesn’t matter’
‘It will pass’
‘It’ll be different the next time’
‘Love is made this way’

Have you never spoken such expressions?

Not living in denial, gaining consciousness of one’s emotional dependency and accepting it are the first steps to overcoming the problem. It is impossible to overcome emotional dependency if one denies the problem. The mere fact of accepting the existence of the problem is an excellent first step. You must first draw an accurate picture of your behaviors and feelings to able to analyze their negative effect afterwards. Continue reading The acceptance technique to overcome emotional dependency

The Game of Positive Psychology

This morning, and as usual, I woke up in a good mood!
This message from today provides you with a wonderful tool towards reaching emotional autonomy.

Quite early in my life, I managed to build myself a positive psychology. What I mean by that is that every time I face a difficulty, I do not step down, I don’t lament, I try to transform this difficulty in an opportunity and take it as a challenge or a game. From the time when I was ”king” of emotional dependency and I was starting to work on myself towards becoming a truly emotionaly autonomous person, I imagined myself playing a game of chess. Continue reading The Game of Positive Psychology

The Diary Technique; Why and How to Master this Skill

Hi to all!

It’s 12h27 when I take my keyboard to write this article. At the moment I write this, I am at the Lucien-Blanchard Park in Sherbrooke. It’s nice, here: the greenery, the Magog River, the ducks flying around, the pure air, etc.

Before starting, I’ll make you a confession: a little more than 1 year and a half ago, when I saw people on TV writing a intimate diary, I laughed and said, ‘It’s really ridiculous. It’s a little girl’s trick to tell love stories‘. I found bizarre the fact that one could feel better by speaking to paper. But, a November 2009 morning, I fell on an article treating on the results of the works of James Pennebaker, a psychologist and researcher at the University of Arizona in Texas. Pennebaker demonstrated that it is possible to better our physical, immune system and psychologic health and to facilitate access to more interesting personal relationships by writing down our negative emotions. I read the whole article and extended my research to Pennebaker’s publications. It was a solid beating for my opinions. Continue reading The Diary Technique; Why and How to Master this Skill

How to overcome unhealthy jealousy. The story of the Marcia and Frederic couple.

How to overcome unhealthy jealousy. The story of the Marcia and Frederic couple.

Marcia and Frederic live together since now 2 years. They have had beautiful moments at the start of their relationship but since about 1 year and a half, it’s hell. Marcia is abusively jealous. She verifies Frederic’s pockets and simply cannot refrain from considering every object she finds as a proof of betrayal.

When Frederic speaks to a woman other than her, she opens an ”inquiry”. She questions. She must know everything they have spoken of and wants to know if the other woman attracts him.

Frederic doesn’t work, so Marcia calls him every day to make sure he’s at home. She even monitors the odometer on the car to see if he has gone out without telling her. Continue reading How to overcome unhealthy jealousy. The story of the Marcia and Frederic couple.

The Action-Thought Technique to Overcome Emotional Dependency

Imagine for one moment what your life would be if you were actually emotionaly autonomous: no excessive fear of losing the other’s love, no lack of confidence, no inferiority feelings, no more shame, guiltiness, anguish. In short, the good life almost full time.

All of this is quite pleasant but you still need the power to act to overcome this. Continue reading The Action-Thought Technique to Overcome Emotional Dependency

Gold unveiled: the belgian show ” Sans Chichis”

1. Even though it doesn’t look like much, it’s powerful.
2. It would have spared me many failures and deceptions, had I known her for years.
3. It’s like a little mouse that can raise mountains.
4. It’s an exercise that’s really worth gold. Continue reading Gold unveiled: the belgian show ” Sans Chichis”

Nobody likes me!!

Today, I’ll show you how to identify and overcome emotional deficiency (useful tricks to live better).

The signs permitting to identify the existence of an emotional deficiency or shortcoming are numerous. When we suffer from emotional deficiency we have a gift that makes us step into painful couple relationships. We expect from the other that he/she gives us what we have missed in our youth: affection, appreciation, attention, etc. When you suffer from emotional deficiency, you have a tough time taking decisions. You are deeply sensible to other’s judgments and critics. At the first one, hop! You mood goes flat. When you live with emotional deficiency, you’re always in the fear of being rejected to the point of trying to please everyone so that you can protect yourself from rejection and abandonment . Continue reading Nobody likes me!!

Is this Love or Emotional Dependency?

Hi to all.

One day, a friend had declined an invitation from her friends because she’d rather spend the night with her boyfriend. They rapidly labeled her a emotional dependent. My hair rose on my head immediately.

Is it really obvious that this is emotional dependency? Continue reading Is this Love or Emotional Dependency?

12 years lost in 3 seconds

Hi to all!

The other day, I was watching on the TQS channel the testimony of an ex-emotional dependent person. In short, this woman explains having passed several years of her life with an alcoholic and gambling man. 2 weeks after their marriage, the man had cheated on her twice. They almost lost their home because of his gaming. Worst, he didn’t recognize their was any problem and refused to go out for help for their huge debts. Continue reading 12 years lost in 3 seconds

Can you ignore your degree of emotional dependency?

Hi to all of you,

In my book, I was attracting your attention on the utmost importance of having consciousness of the problem and of deciding to act about it. So, I’ll never say it enough: necessary, necessary, necessary. Always in this same drive, you’ll find a test HERE.

Why take a test? Well, to have a good idea on your degree of emotional dependency. To measure the importance of the work you have to do. A kind of reference. Continue reading Can you ignore your degree of emotional dependency?